Here it is: Field Niggas….

This film is a salute to the Summer nights of 2014. Watch it in 1080pHD. This goes out to all real New Yorkers the world over, and all souls against the concrete! Respect to everybody who ever stood in front of my camera. Salute to my brother Josh Furey for soldiering the audio, titles and posters. Sincere thanks given! Get prepared for the realest street document. The whole file is wild! I’m signing off as a True and Living field nigga. This is Visual calligraphy. This is some Barbara Walters 60 minute shit. Come walk with me for an hour. Peace! 


You walk into an IGA and beeline straight for the drink section, you pick up a warm can of Passiona, an unknown strength pulses through your claw, there is electricity. You squeeze the can harder in your grip and your fingers rip through the tin like sewing scissors, you look down at the can on the floor and it is a ribbon lying still in a puddle of golden fizz - Khalik’s constant stellar output and passion for photography described as the destruction of a can of Passiona.